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At first Mark didn’t want to talk on camera. We chatted for a bit and as I started to walk away he asked for a business card. He wanted to know what the video would […]


At first Mark didn’t want to talk on camera. We chatted for a bit and as I started to walk away he asked for a business card. He wanted to know what the video would be used for, how it would be used, and what organizations I was connected to. I assured him this project was completely independent and my only agenda was to tell the homeless story with real people telling real stories unedited and uncensored. Mark is extremely intelligent and articulate. His story really wrecked me because I could identify with so much of it. This is a great story. I hope Mark’s story and the other stories on this vlog inspires you to continue the homeless conversation.

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  • Smart guy. Really seem to have had it all together and then all fall by a couple of mishaps. Mark is surely in my prayers.

  • Brutally real story. Could happen to any of us. Wow. Thank you for sharing this with the world Mark.

  • Andrew

    That’s just rough. I just don’t know what to say.

  • zoli

    sad story. very good website – keep it going

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  • This video was honestly revlogged @ United Vloggers. Thank you so much for your good works. Keep it going,

    Kind Regards,


  • my children and I have been mobily homeless many times. we came from a very nice heritage, but a very disfunctional dad, who, though he was a policeman,he did not cherish his 4 daughters nor his son. I was taught fantasy and unreality,and abuse. we need to prepare our children better for the realities of what can really happen to you out there in the real world. its full of dangers and really bad people. there are very wonderful people as well, but they are not all in church. there are bad people in the church as well. the best and the worse are everywhere! but we need to change how we look at families they need to be there for each other and help each other more. instead of being so judgmental and cut off entirely just because?? families should be forever, doesnt mean you can abuse each other either, just not entirely cut off.when someone in entirely alone they dont act the way they would if they had some family members who care and you temper how you act because you care about them too, but if you have no one else who cares aboput you then you dont care about yourself either. and if you are in soooo much pain you cant see what is happening to your children!so please dont abandon your child just because they dye their hair purple, or pierce their ? or because they?? is it worth loosing them for the rest of your life?? each of us is important!! I wonder sometimes how many “valuable” people we are ignoring just because they are poor and or homeless, hor unwanted, we are wasting some of our most important assets PEOPLE I love animals, etc. and wouldnt want to take anything from them but this country does morefor their animals than making sure families stay together and fix them rather than building more cps agencies and foster homes rather than fixing what caused it in the first place!!we need to listen to the broken ones more, then maybe we could really know what to do to fix the right problems!

  • Isabelle

    are you still in contact with Mark? I was thinking maybe he could start his own blog – since he does seem to be very literate and certainly has a lot to say. also, since he has started/finished? several books he seems a person who does want to share his thoughts with others. maybe you could show him how he could make money with this? btw, very good website and project – thank you for making this.

  • Tyri Merchant

    Fat Ass Paragraph

  • charlotte

    I will pray for Mark…thanks for giving him a face.

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