Two years ago, Charlie’s company went out of business and he wound up on the street. Today, he is one of thousands of veterans waiting for the VA to render a decision on his benefits claim. He sleeps outside and has no income other than food stamps and panhandling. If his VA benefits ever come through, he hopes to relocate to another area of the country with a lower cost of living.

Charlie’s age and lack of housing make it nearly impossible for him to find a job. Yet, his only wish is for steady income.

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  • Gbsgoetz

    Vets need to be taken care of, for all they have done for our countries. How can we pressure governments to get on the ball and care for them.

  • McKinzie

    OMG he is a vet he has faught for our lives for years somebody needs to help him.. how would you feel if you suffered as much as he does and knowing that you helped the world but nobody will give you the time of day. help the poor guy that is so sad.. )…: especiallu where he says his three wishes..

  • McKinzie


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