Marco and Cherese

When most folks think of a homeless person, they picture a man with a sign panhandling off an exit ramp. I’ve often heard people who were never homeless themselves talk about what a lucrative job that must be. (Please note: panhandling is not a good career move). Besides the humiliation, it’s very dangerous, and the perks are not all that great. People call you names, spit on you, and throw stuff.

Meet Marco & Cherese. They are living in a small RV and their primary income is panhandling. Cherese was the victim of a hit-and-run on an exit ramp, suffering a broken collar bone and a broken arm. Since she doesn’t have health insurance, the hospital just let her go, assuring her that the breaks will heal on their own.

Marco & Cherese are just like you and me. They’ve made a few mistakes in life (who hasn’t?), they’re extremely faithful, and they are good people just trying to survive the nightmare of homelessness.

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  • Joshua Rigsby

    I like what you are doing here. I just started my own blog with the same idea. Raise people’s awareness and help them to see that the homeless are people too, not some subhuman class. Nice work.


    On Feb 17th when I received a press release about our site…I posted a short devotional and link to your blog.

    Little did I know at the time that my 28 year old Nephew has been missing since October 2008 which I just learn about last week. Robby Cantrell of TN more than likely is living on the streets someone in America. He has drinking problem and a heart of gold. He has no car, phone ,job and only the clothes on his back. And for all I know he could be dead. That’s the worst part for families (NOT KNOWING) Which is why I am writing.

    Most Americans tend to believe that this can’t happen in their family but it can. But on the FLIP side of this issue many homeless are people down on their luck, they have drug or alchol problems or they are just as you put it INVISIBLE people who haven’t family to help them!

    Many probably believe that they have been abandoned by their families. I may never find out what has happen to Robby and all I know is that that the Lord has laid this on my heart to try and make a difference! On my blogs this week I did posted several videos about SKID Row in LA which was a REAL SHOCKER! I will continue to champion this cause any way possible, since apprently now I have a dog in this fight.

    This week I did learn that in the year 2007 that 53,000 adults were reported missing and that’s not a running total.

    So I will end my comments with this for your readers. Change they say happens…one person and one step at a time. Your web site is a good start.

    Thanks for sharing these stories. You made me at least feel a tiny bit better. The HOMELESS are not Invisible nor are they forgotten by God which is why he ALWAYS answers our prayers.

    God Bless,

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