You’ve seen him before: the homeless guy at the highway off-ramp holding a cardboard sign, panhandling. As he walks down the row of cars, you avoid eye contact at all costs out of fear he might approach your window. You look straight ahead and hope he doesn’t see you, hope the light turns green soon.

I’ll admit, I’ve done the same thing, and I was homeless myself just 14 years ago.

The next time you find yourself in this situation, I’d like you to remember Tony.

Tony is an off-ramp panhandler. He lost his job and he openly admits he struggles with a drug addiction. I’ve talked to Tony maybe half a dozen times, and each time he was sober. Any formerly homeless addict will tell you that it is not easy to live without a home and stay sober.

Tony admits that panhandling off a freeway exit is humiliating. He knows he’s capable of doing more with his life. But given the economy and his personal struggles, he feels it is his only option.

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  • sukhjit

    This is powerful stuff… I applaud you for using video and web to tell these very moving stories… I know how much work goes into producing video content and distributing it yourself. So much of social media has become brand/marketing/business centric. Your video blog takes it back to the basics. Really stories – connecting with people who care. –sukhjit

  • Mike

    Amazing stories…please don’t ever stop telling them. They are making a difference.

  • Kimberly Saia Bock

    2 years ago, I was this man. Thanks for getting involved in promoting awareness for us. I’ve recently decided to do the same thing. I was in SEO, but can’t relate with their mindset. I’d rather make a difference where it is needed and counts the most. Like you.

    Thanks again.

  • dearnadia

    I wanted to let you know about an awesome man that goes by the name of KengiKat on Youtube. Please visit his channel b/c he covers topics on homelessness from his 1st hand experience and he has an amazing charity called DoSomethingSaturday. Please google him and his organization.

    I will tell him about your site as well.

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