I don’t know if anything can prepare you for Drew’s story. Drew lost his job, then he lost his wife and daughter to a drunk driver. He is an educated man, but today he lives on leftover food he finds in dumpsters.

There’s nothing you can add to a story like this, except that homelessness can happen to anyone. Please don’t let Drew’s story stop here. Talk about it, blog about it, email a link to everyone you know.

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  • Kevin

    I applaud ALL that Mark Horvath has done over time to bring the homeless in.
    As Drew stated we ALL are really 1 race, that of the human race, and No One should ever have to live on the streets.
    Peace & Harmony to ALL

  • http://www.deidox.com Gudge


  • kimmie

    Oh my golly…this breaks my heart…

  • diane

    i would drive there and pick him up and bring him here if he wanted,,,thats a sad story

  • sarah

    i am studying to be a social worker and reading the stories of the people that you have communicated through this site gives me even more motivation to fight for justice for the poor and needy, gather and raise up resources to help these people, and promote for policy changes to get the homeless into safe and appropriate housing. God bless this cause!

  • Kirk Bennett

    Powerful – I pray Drew, and every homeless person, makes it!

  • Kirk Bennett

    If we were to walk past Drew in the street we would most unlikely recognize him as homeless – there are millions of Drews on the streets. And like he says, it can happen to anyone in a flash.

    Kirk Bennett – Director

  • http://twitter.com/kakajp28 KakaJP

    Hi Mark, I watched this video with Drew and I would like to ask you if you are still in contact with him, do you have news about him?

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