For four hard months, Vickie has been living under a bridge. She says that there are lots of rats and ants, yet this is where they now call home. She ended up on the streets as a direct result of the recession; Vickie’s boyfriend lost his job and their ability to pay rent.

When I asked Vickie about sleeping on the rocks, she showed me how she uses her clothes as padding to make a bed. That really broke my heart. People should not have to live like this.

Vickie said she hoped she’d find a place to live this week. I hope so too. A bridge is not an appropriate roof for anyone.

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  • Janet Rothstein

    I absolutely love these clips. They do put names and faces to the Homeless “situation.” I just featured part of this on my blog to help you spread the word. I also keep trying to give care-packages out to the people on the streets of LA.

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