Times Square is unlike any other place in the United States. Lights, traffic, noise, masses of people. But in the midst of all this commotion, I spotted a man pushing a buggy. That’s when I met Guy.

Guy says homelessness is hard to explain. One day he was doing fine. The next, tragedy struck and he was on the streets.

The streets, Guy said, are not kind to those without a home. He said the police in New York arrest people just for sleeping. His goal is to “get inside” before homelessness gets worse.

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  • cyinger

    Well-spoken, articulate man.  So true that it can happen just like that to anyone. If more people would take time to talk to him & others like him, they would understand that.  I also pick up aluminum cans sometimes when I see them.  I figure it all adds up and helps take litter off the street. Just to say, there is no shame in that. You do what you have to do. People shouldn’t be quick to judge by appearances.  You don’t know what kind of wonderful person an individual is until you talk to them.

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