For 23 years, Rashid worked in New York City as a construction worker. On 9/11, he arrived at the World Trade Center at 9:28 in the morning and – for the next four years – worked to clean up the horrific destruction at Ground Zero.

Today, as a result of his service, he suffers chronic heart failure and other health issues. He lost his health, his job, and his ability to pay rent. Today, Rashid lives in a homeless shelter.

Despite his tragic story, Rashid was one of the nicest people I met in New York. He went out of his way to encourage everyone around him.

This is how he chooses to live; he said a little bit of kindness can go a long way.

Rashid had three wishes: food, clothing, and shelter.

Seems we should not have to wish for things so basic.

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  • http://kauma0@hotmail.com K Carlsson

    Bless you, sir. Rashid, you are an inspiration. Thank you.

    ballerina Kristina

  • http://writingtoserve.net Maria Keckler

    Thank you for bringing Rashid out of the streets, so we can meet him and be inspired by his story.


  • http://heartchoicestoday.blogspot.com Dawn Wilson

    Breaks my heart, but Rashid is an inspiration. “Dear God in heaven, bless and help and encourage this man. Help us learn some lessons from him today. Help us see the ‘unseen,’ as You do.” Amen

  • Mnordholt

    a gem. angels everywhere. xo

  • http://twitter.com/robbiewendt Robbie

    Wow! What an inspiration Rashid is. In his words “I believe if you pick a man up you can help him on his way, you pick him up today, he might be the one who picks you up tomorrow”…..Awesome!

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  • Judyanaka

    What a beautiful man! When I look at anyone I wonder what their story is –so nice to hear these stories!

  • cyinger

    I couldn’t agree with everything he said more. I live my life by that philosophy. If I help someone, God will bring someone to help me when I need help.  Usually works out that way, too.  Another amazing human being. Thanks for sharing his story.

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