Sandra is a young girl homeless on the streets of Chicago. She lost her job and place to stay.

Sandra really is invisible. Hundreds of people walk past as she tries to panhandle enough for a nights hotel stay. And because she sleeps in a hotel, government agencies do not count her as being homeless.

Sandra says, “most people don’t pay that much attention”.

Together we can change that.

Blogger Megan Cottrell joined me that day and you can read her post here

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  • Jason D

    I hope you could help her with some information to get her back home, i've heard of some places that can do that…its a shame shes on the street whenfor the sake of a bus ticket she might get a better chance of either making it back home and perhaps getting better help or finding a relative who can help…i hope she gets some help though…this is too young a life to be ignored by society

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  • Rocky Garza


    I would love to email you but can't find your email. can you email me.

    thanks so much.


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