Gypsy is homeless on Iowa. The hardest part for her? Her children have been sleeping at a friend’s house for the past two months.

She gets to see her children during the day, but she wishes there were more to do. They can only stay in the public parks and attend free feedings. Some days, they misses these meals, and her children end up going without food.

Children should never have to suffer through homelessness.

Asked about her three wishes, she wishes for her children to be successful in their lives and for the people she’s met on the streets to do something positive with their life. After these two wishes for others, she can’t even think of a third.

Soon, Gypsy and her children will return to her home of Arizona thanks to the generosity of a church buying bus tickets.

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  • Cristina Costa

    Incredible! She wishes nothing for herself…
    But does for her children and for others… thinking if everyone thought and acted in this line, then we wouldn't really need to ask anything for ourselves. Things (people) would take care of themselves (each other) …

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