“It’s not fun. It’s scary.”

That’s what Brian had to say of his last five years of homelessness. He comes from a good family who had no financial struggles. Everything was all right until he was diagnosed with Diabetes. Despite good healthcare, the disease is a staunch impediment to daily life.

He can no longer stand on his feet for long periods, and he spends his nights at the Salvation Army. After being raised in church, he’s comforted to stay somewhere Christ-centered. But he’s not sure of the future. He simply hopes to get to a place where he is receiving social security benefits.

His dreams are modest: simply a room to keep him safe and “somewhat comfortable.” His wishes, however, are more lofty: For no one to be homeless, everyone to have adequate healthcare, and funding for education for others.

If only those of us with homes had such selfless wishes, the world would be a much better place.

How do your wishes compare?

Special thanks to Central Oklahoma Community Action Agency

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  • BLOGitse

    Thanks for sharing and giving face to homeless people. It's important to have public healthcare and social benefits so that people can have at least a place to live.

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