“It’s lonely.” That’s what Chris has to say about homelessness in Hollywood, one of the busiest, most populated places in the country.

He tends to see the bright side of things, too. He just received some food and a lead on a possible job opportunity, which is his way out of homelessness. After five and a half years of homelessness, with a background in military service and part of a college education under his belt, he still can’t find work to afford his first place of his own.

If Chris had three wishes, he’d want his life back. If he had that, he wouldn’t even need the other two. Maybe, just maybe, he would go back to not buy some lottery tickets. Then he could use that money for something useful instead of the empty chance of winning a fortune.

“You have to live life to learn.” That’s what Chris said to end our interview. But there have to be ways we can make life’s lessons a little less painful for people like him.

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  • Shareandcarefoundation

    True observation, Live life to learn. Many on the mainstream of life assume all homeless person is a bum and they do not wnat to work. Reality is different, there are many young people like Chris who want their life back. Very touching.

  • Eileen White

    “Invisible People” is so appropriate. My heart breaks to see this, more so because I know that “but for the grace of God there go I”. I am one who has been blessed in many ways and so I try to help. However, being in situtations where I try to be involved in hopes of helping, I see how very little help there actually is. And I see how the majority of people do not want to even acknowledge the existence of the homeless. It is very disheartening, but still I have faith and will continue to do what God gives me the privilege to do.

  • Chichotango

    and what happen when you work, and be called a series of derogative terms for stereotiped minds, people who certainly don’t have god with tem, only angry , if you work, you don’t live from the government, their taxes, welfare, even if you buy anything at the stores, you are paying taxes, Means like only theur jobs are good. Of course if they had the moneym the power,etc.Maybe you are not in the race for accumulate things, to show the car of the year,etc.God bless them

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