It’s summer and many people have a second home to get away from the heat. Well, so does Rick. He lives homeless in a tunnel underneath Las Vegas. When the weather is hot like the day we visited he lives near the end of the tunnel because there is a breeze. When colder weather comes he goes deeper into the tunnel for warmth.

Rick has lived in the tunnels off and on for six years. He survives by panhandling, pumping gas, washing windows and odd jobs. He tries to work instead of begging for change.

As we were walking down into the tunnel one of Rick’s friends told me Rick helped him get off the streets by giving him hope. When I asked Rick about this he said, “that’s just what I do”.

I wonder what the world would be like if every person just helped one person get out of homelessness.

Special thanks to Matthew O’Brien

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  • Shannondd

    I have know Rick in a different time and space, but even through all his trials in life, his gentle kind spirit has always shone through and this video confirms what I have always known. My wish for you is for you to see the person I see when I look at you. Rick you are not invisible…I have always seen YOU! Even when you couldnt see it in yourself, I have always seen it. Lotsa Love Always….Shannon

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