I met Darryl in Florida. He has been homeless for three weeks.

Darryl wants to be in a home, but right now sleeps in abandon house.

We need to take a serious look at reentry into society from jail. Support services have been seriously reduced and recidivism rates are increasing. Our current system is increasing homelessness and thus increasing the burden on tax payers.

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  • Kay

    love his wishes


    People leaving jail or prison have it rough. When I was a kid there used to be a volunteer organization that helped ex-offenders returning to the community. In that organization we used to help ex-offenders return to the community. I used to help guys who had been in prison over many many years. In one case a dude who was in prison convicted at 17 for a horrid crime. He served a 21 year sentence got released at 37 going on 38. He was a kid who never had a phone utilities or anything in his name before his arrest.

    The state just dumped him on the street with $20 in his pockets and said ok your free see ya. I was coming in to see some of the ex-offenders I was scheduled to help that day and there he was. He was a BIG dude really big like 6 feet 6 inches tall big. He was sitting on a chair crying into his very big hands. So of course I asked him what’s wrong, he said everyone’s afraid to help me. The volunteers find out my crime and they just walk away or excuse themselves and never come back.

    They promised this big homeless ex-con that they found a volunteer willing to work with him today all he had to do was showed! Turns out the volunteer had agreed to help this guy knowing what his crime was. What the volunteer DID NOT KNOW is how BIG this dude was. When the volunteer went into the office to interview the big ex-con he just turned around and left after seeing how big this dude was. The big guy was escorted back into the waiting area and told his request for community living skills assistance had been declined. Now I knew why this big hulking man was sitting there crying like a baby into his huge hands when I came in.

    For all his size he was clueless about what he needed to do to get his ID back. He could not read. He could sign his name really well looked better than mine. He knew about 3000 words on sight but he could not read. I took him in my office after assuring him I was NOT afraid of him and never would be period. He told me that his inability to read and live in the community alone is what got him in trouble at 17. He trusted a criminal crowd of people who used to “watch out for him” jos words. Well he trusted them and when one of the groups criminal schemes went terribly wrong he was asked and did a vile thing. He went to prison for 21 years.

    I share all this to show why guys leaving prison after long terms of incarceration NEED guidance and love upon release. Newly released long term ex-offenders are coming into a world completely changed from what they knew. I’m not big on letting convicts out of prison BUT if we must release them we should give them community living skills training so they know how to survive in the community.

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