I don’t like cold. The night I met Donny in Calgary, Canada, it was so cold I could not feel my face. I honestly cannot imagine sleeping outside in negative degree weather with only a blanket to keep warm. But that is exactly how Donny and thousands more sleep every night.



Special thanks to Calgary Homeless Foundation

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  • Kmergel

    Yup! It’s cold here alright! It was great to have you here this month Mark. Wonderful to meet you at the summit. Being homeless in a Canadian climate takes on a whole different layer of dangers and health issues! Come again soon Mark, you are welcome in Calgary any time to join us in our fight to end homelessness. All Calgarians deserve a home with warm bed to sleep in! KristaMergel ~BGCC

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  • SavingwithSaveOne

    I remember going out when it was in the 20′s and it was unbearable to my skin. I could not imagine any less and never having any relief.

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