Celson is a homeless youth I met in Louisville, Kentucky. He states he has lived in over 120 foster home placements since the age of 5. I can’t even imagine.

Celson is also gay, and there is very little support for LGBT homeless youth in America. My heart always breaks when I meet new gay friends who live on the streets. Homelessness is bad enough, but being gay often means double persecution, and it shouldn’t be that way.

You can tell Celson has been through a lot in his young life yet, he is a really smart kid. I really love his two reasons to be rich that you’ll hear near the end, and I am so impressed that he dreams about helping others!

Keep dreaming Celson. You can make all your dreams real!


Special thanks to Safe Place.

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     You are really a helpful person for everyone and i wish you a lot of success.

  • Jeanett Baker

    It is good to know this young star is getting support. Please show us more ways we can help. 

  • in Awe!

     THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing! I was moved to tears listening to the dreams you have, watching the light shine through you to help others! You are an inspiration to many! keep it up!

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