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This may be the most candid and honest interview about addictions so far. I have lots of respect for Cameron for having the courage to be so real about his drug abuse in this interview. […]


This may be the most candid and honest interview about addictions so far. I have lots of respect for Cameron for having the courage to be so real about his drug abuse in this interview.

I met Cameron in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. He was homeless in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, and then moved to Fort McMurray, and of course, Cameron’s addictions moved with him.

Fort McMurray is experiencing explosive growth and the community seems to be doing its best to catch up to that growth. As in most communities, social services is last to receive needed attention. Cameron says he is going to move back to Vancouver where there is help for his addictions.

About 50 feet to the right of us is a dumpster that Cameron’s girlfriend fell asleep in while on drugs. The garbage truck came and took the contents to the dump. His girlfriend was never seen again and is presumed dead. This was a documented tragedy and not something Cameron made up. The couple, while living in a tent, was even featured in a National Geographic photo about the Canadian ‘boomtown’.

Cameron wants to stop using drugs, but the drugs that he is addicted to are not easy to kick. He needs help. I hope you watch to the end as his three wishes messed me up.

In this interview Cameron talks about drugs and addictions, lack of solutions, being “dope sick”, and even the prison system and his costs to society. This is a very powerful interview that I hope will open the eyes of many.


Special thanks to Centre of Hope

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  • Stephanie Ball

    Thank you Mark for your amazing work and for highlighting this hidden issue in it’s truth! We are embarking on new initiatives in the Red Deer community and welcome all community members to get involved!

  • Bill

    Thank you for this video, and others. They provide the depth that is lacking in most news reports.
     However I must contest the part about no one looking for Cameron’s girlfriend’s body. The landfill section where the collection from that week was blocked off and two RCMP members spent their own weekend going through that area piece by piece. This was followed by a search of the area surrounding the landfill by ten members of the Fort McMurray Search and Rescue team.Sadly, nothing was found. It can’t be said that every effort was made, but it also can’t be said that no effort was made.

  • Thanks Bill for your comment

  • Coatingsolns

    While not from Alberta, it took me less than 3 minutes to find the AA hotline number for Fort McMurray.  Sorry, Cameron but there is a solution.  Go to a AA meeting and say you are an alcoholic.  After years of addiction to crack cocaine, it worked for me and it’s free.  YOU have to decide you want to stay sober more than you want to drink or drug!!!

  • Carolynvalor

    “Sorry, Cameron but there is a solution.”   “..after years of addiciton to crack cocaine, it worked for me and it’s free.”     I would like to know what “it worked” is?    Next, how is Cameron to detox by going to an AA meeting?  As he stated in the video there is not a detox facility with aftercare for him even to begin recovery.  As you stated “YOU have to decide” which is true, along with that YOU must have the ability to detox (which this community does not offer) and RECOVERY is possible with a supporting group of SOBER individuals. As Cameron stated the same insanity of addiction will begin if he does detox there.  The addict must have detox, recovery, AND a sober environment for the aftercare.  My two cents and one more….recovery rocks, I live it everyday!

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  • Really great issue you have disqus here and this is informative video you have shared here.

  • Knowbob

    Life sucks man

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  • neyygar

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  • KiKi

    Thank you for your story Cameron. My advice, hitchhike back to where resources are plentiful to help you kick your addiction.

  • KiKi

    Seems as though Cameron had an excuse as to why the county wasn’t assisting him rather than finding resources to help himself. Individuals who honestly want to make their life better & get off drugs will climb mountains to help themselves just as they do when they are looking for drugs. Sort of like parents who say they don’t have $ as they are talking with a cigarette in one hand & a beer in the other while their children run barefoot in diapers. Nuff said.

  • KiKi


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