Taylor and Mike

Mike and his 6 year-old daughter Taylor live in a homeless shelter in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mike was hurt at work and without income they lost everything.

I work helping homeless families in Los Angeles and it’s extremely hard to find services for single dads. Most shelters are setup for single females or two-parent families. When I was introduced to Mike and Taylor I was so very glad to see they were being helped.

Taylor is very mature for being six years-old. Before I took the camera out she was talking nonstop, even giving us all instructions on the interview. Once the camera started she became quiet except when I asked her for her three wishes.

Taylor only had one wish and that wish is still messing me up.



Very special thanks to Tulsa Salvation Army

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  • http://www.lightquestmedia.com Chris

    Thanks, Mark, for coming to Tulsa and thank you for telling the story of Taylor and Mike.

  • Anonymous

    Although I was there, I still teared up watching the video.  A 6 (and 1/2) year old girl with only one wish is heart breaking.  I am thankful to Tulsa’s Salvation Army Center of Hope for having services form families.  I do hope Mike can find work and that he and Taylor will get their shared wish.   Thank you Mark.

  • Scooter_NJ

    Of course she was telling ya’ll what to do…she’s a Red Head. It’s in here DNA! God Bless the 2 of them…..she reminded me of Ariel.

  • Scooter_NJ


  • Nmnikkimeek

    Miss Taylor you are what we peds nurses refer to as terminally cute…as in so CUTE it kills me! Man I wish for the best for you guys…Dad you are doing yeomans work being both a mom and dad in rying circumstances…

  • Michaeldotson63

    TThere are so many people (myself included) whom live on a paycheck to paycheck basis, and in doing so literally,do not have a safety-net so to speak.and in our case we were very fortunate that the Salvation Army was there for us. And im very thankful and grateful for they’re help and compassion in these troubled times.
    Sincerely,MIKE &TAYLOR.

  • Bakerga918

    Thanks, Mark, for getting this posted so quickly. We appreciate you coming to Tulsa and giving our “invisible people” a voice. Looking forward to your next visit!
    Gale Baker, Center of Hope

  • Denise Bundy

    If enough of us chipped in together we could cover the cost of an apartment or small house for  Taylor and Mike.. and have her “home for Christmas” where she belongs.

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  • Pingback: Blog Soup 2011.11.07 Unbid Tears, Love, Hope, and Imagination « The unofficial blog of Stan Faryna

  • http://de.photoswomens.com/frauen.html Frauen

    …there are yet such humble people in this world who care for others!

  • Vitonipon

    The saddest thing is that there is a huge amount of incredibly not intelligent people who thinks providing health and education for this people would be against democracy and turn us into north Korea!

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