Jordan is only 19 years-old and lives in a tent city in Sacramento, California. He says the only problems he has is being cold, and not being used to homelessness. Of course, there is also the eviction notice Sacramento Police left for the tent community the day I was visiting.

The good news is, Jordan is going to college. You can tell by his smile he has a bright future.

Jordan was lucky that he found Safe Ground. He feels like he has a home again. Sure wish the City of Sacramento would let them all keep their “homes”.

Interesting, Jordan’s second wish was to just understand why the police keep evicting the tent city and force them to move. I’d like to understand that too.

If you know any politicians in Sacramento please send them this video and Robert’s video. I really would like to hear from their side as to why these tent cities keep being forced to move.

Special thanks to Safe Ground

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  • Anonymous

    This young man is a very strong person. It wasn’t clear what his relationship was to his biological parent(s). It was good for him to
    find a friend he could trust and stay with but lesson be told: Blood
    is thicker than water. This is why is friend’s mom kicked him out.
    He should try to find out if the college he attends has services
    for homeless college students. He could also try to interview
    for a RA (resident assistant) on campus.That way he could have
    a place to stay. Also are there any scholarships at his college for
    students in his situation? Again, good luck and keep positive:)

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    This i young man is really strong person and you are doing great job,

  • Research paper

    I think those people could to find work, but lazy. Pity for children..

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  • Mbrowneiu

    I think that the guest comment shows bias towards this minority
    youth. He isn’t “lazy”. He had a job (auto mechanics) before he
    came to Sacromento with his friend. He currently is enrolled in
    college. Why do whites always put down blacks when if the
    this person were a white male, the issue of laziness would never
    be brought up. Grow up you ignorant rednec!

  • guest

    it true he is lazy useless 

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    i like this article so much….good work…

  • Fistonligogo

    man thank god i got family

  • Fistonligogo

    did they have family members i mean how did they get homeless in the first place

  • Mnl_leyva

    jordan dont worrie about what all these people that god gave them a life nd they are so stuip am sorry my name is manny am in the same place where you in am 20 years old no family nd no home am homeless also nd i know how you feel man god be with us!!



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