“I’m not out here because this is my lifestyle, I don’t have anywhere else to go.” ~ Robert

Nearly three years ago I took a big risk and drove up to Sacramento to help empower our homeless friends after watching the circus created by Oprah. At the time, I was nineteen months unemployed. just started, and driving around with a camera seemed like a dumb idea. But I took the last little bit of money I had and headed north.

Also around three years ago, homeless activists in Sacramento started a campaign to acquire “safe ground” for campers to call home. It’s been a battle, but our friends at Safe Ground have won a few court cases and they continue to fight for homeless people in Sacramento.

Today I visited Safe Ground and was walking around meeting new friends. Over the hill a man was watching us. Robert walked down the hill and asked to be interviewed. I am so honored he did.

Please watch and listen to Robert’s story. It’s very powerful, and shows the pain and frustration these gorgeous people have to face every day.

Special thanks to Safe Ground

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  • Ibrahim zabda

    I have  sympathies of you. I would like to do something for you, But i have nothing, Only hope is my message. We must have a little feeling for them. The life reserve for everyone full of surprise.

  • Cathy

    So heartbreaking. I really wish I had a place for people to go. :(

  • Moy

    This is unbearable. We are listening. We are mad, but feel powerless to change this stinking society.
    (Writing from the UK where parallels exist, and where ‘normal’ citizens are brainwashed into blaming the dispossessed for their situation.)

  • Richard Clemens

    lovesandrespectsxoxo invisable people. God Bless You Robert! You are not alone! thanks Mark!

  • JBE

    It’s not just the U.K. that views homeless people that way. Prevailing thought in the U.S. similarly has people blindly blaming homeless individuals for their situations, without ever considering the wider political and economic factors that allow the continuation of homelessness. 

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  • cat

    i see you

  • cyinger

    Robert treats his dog with more humanity than our government is treating these people.

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