Maria and her fiancee ended up losing their apartment because of a high utility bill. The day I met Maria, they had been living in a Sacramento tent city for three days. They were ‘camping’ on the streets but received a ticket for being homeless. Since this interview everyone in this tent city has been evicted.

Maria share with us what a day is like being homeless. They get up early to go to a park and get a lunch ticket. They split up to go to different homeless services for showers. Basically, their whole day is filled just trying to survive.

Maria’s 1st wish was for her unborn baby. She’s living homeless three months pregnant. She says they are moving into a new place. Knowing that Safe Ground was forced to move I pray they did find housing.

Special thanks to Safe Ground

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand how their utility bill cause them to lose their
    apartment. I don’t mean to sound ignorant. How high was the
    bill. If they get another apartment in January, could they lose
    their apartment for the same reason. I guess what I am asking
    is whether couples or individuals can rent an apartment with
    utilities included in the state of California? I would think so.
    Also, were there windows drafty or really not insulated thus
    causing an exceedingly high bill. Just wondering if they had
    to live with a slum landlord previosuly?

  • Ltmoody15

    I would have only payed a half or less payment for my bill and put money towards my rent?? Or payed my rent and had now utilitys!! better then sleeping on the streets!! I do feel for these people and i do really hope they have found a place to live and raise there baby safely!!  :(

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  • Liliana

    Hello,my name is Liliana I need hep contacting former homeless me/women success stories. Please reply if you are or know any former homeless men or women. Thank You!

  • Liliana

    Hello I’m Liliana I’m throwing a festival on April 20-22 2012 to help raise awareness of homeless men/women if you were or know former homeless people/person with success stories please reply to me. Thank you!

  • AnaChristina92

    SHes having a baby

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