I met Jason in St John’s, Newfoundland the day we ended the Canadian segment of the Invisible People road trip. There was a ceremony at city hall and Jason, who lived in a homeless youth shelter at the time, showed up at the event. Meeting Jason, and the encouraging words he said to everyone about Invisible People, was truly a highlight of last year.

For such a young man Jason sure has a lot of wisdom as he explains homelessness,”being homeless can mean some crack addict strung-out in the street or someone who is striving everyday to better their life yet the opportunity is not there. But the one thing every homeless person has in common is every single day is a struggle”.

Jason suffers from minor mental illness. He had to leave home at 16, and is lucky now that the local youth shelter has a bed for him. Jason is getting the help he needs, but like he says, there are so many people that are homeless because of mental illness who are not receiving the help they desperately need.

I will never forget Jason and I hope our paths will cross soon. He is full of life and a brilliant young man.

I hope you took the time to listen to all of Jason’s story and his 3 wishes.

In Los Angeles County, an area with over 15 million people, there are only 800 mental health beds. We have a serious crisis in North America with the lack of adequate mental health services.

Mental illness effects everyone. How has it effected you and what actions can we take to make it better?

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  • Renee Haynie

    I am glad Jason found a shelter to live at. I hope Jason continues to improve his life. It is so sad that there are so many mentally ill people that don’t have a home.

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    Now Jason is someone worthy of help. Jason is NOT a booze hound or a druggie. Jason is a kid who needs legitimate help and support for medical issues quite beyond his direct control. Jason did not purchase his illness like a drug abuse or alcoholic must. Jason has problems with brain chemistry that hinder his ability to cope well in society. If I could I would help Jason in a heartbeat. I honestly have ZERO compassion for druggies and drunks. I save ALL my compassion for good people down on their luck who are trying to lift themselves out of homelessness after a bad situation. Jason you are MY HERO MAN! You can make it. I have autism and 13 disabilities and it was a hard 41 year fight but I eventually built my life into a success with the help of God.
    Jason life holds great promise in your future just keep striving to to better and you WILL SUCCEED!

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