Cameron grew up in foster care and detention centers. He says growing
up in group homes didn’t show him what the world is really like.

I met Cameron in Winnipeg, Canada at a youth drop-in center. He shared
a story of being dropped of under a bridge and saw the life he was
living. He decided to change and travel to British Columbia, where he
continued a journey of growth.

The night before this interview Cameron slept next to some railroad
tracks. As bad as that seems, and it is bad, the good news is as of
this interview Cameron found a job.



Special thanks to Resource Assistance for Youth

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  • Kgleason945

    Very smart and optimistic young man.  Gorgeous smile! All the best Cameron.

  • Samoodnahshal

    he seems very calm and informed :)

  • Nmnikkimeek

    Cameron you are so well spoken and have matured through a tough beginning and gosh do you exibit potential and maturation in progres.

  • Degrajeda

    he does have a nice smile…. and good luck!!… jesus will guide you.. saying from a 15 year old.. :)

  • michellesings

    Cameron is gonna make it. I love his outlook and attitude. I think that if he were to experience the help that Christ gives  would be even better life would be easier regardless of his circumstances…and extra hope that never fails. That is my prayer for him. 

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