“One day I woke up and I was homeless”, Derrick says to me while panhandling on a busy San Francisco street. I often found my own homelessness to feel like that. For me, it took year’s of bad choices, but one day I woke up sleeping on the streets of Hollywood.

Derrick has traveled a lot since he first hit the streets in Ohio. He sleeps near churches or cemeteries.

Before you judge Derrick’s third wish remember it’s nearly impossible to do homeless sober. If you were going to the bathroom behind a dumpster you’d want to forget too

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  • Lily THERESA

    Hi. Derrick is not invisible. I see him all the time when I’m in his neighborhood…

  • Tyri Merchant

    Derick it Will be Ok

  • Armandolikesapplejacks

    hahahaaha lmao

  • Shelenemichelle

    RE: Derrick
    I just watched your interview. Don’t give up! I understand exactly what you are saying. I was homeless for a few years myself. But, here I am today, in an online college doing an essay! I am going to put some of your interview in it. There needs to be more resources for people on the streets! I hope somehow your life gets better. It is not hard to end up homeless. However, it is hard to find a home! Bless you!

  • b2blog

    Reminds me of a guy I met in SF, so wanted to share my blog post about it (experience 2). These guys may be black and homeless and addicted, but I feel myself and Mark connecting as equals, I hope that they have the same feeling, that brings them a feeling of humanity. I hope I meet Derrick when I go back there this summer. 

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