I met Destiny the day before she was entering a Salvation Army rehab in Winnipeg, Canada. She was out in the rain so we stepped into a metro stop to stay dry.

Destiny grew up in and out of the jail system and fell into addiction. Because she has two kids she is making the smart first step to get her life back by getting off drugs. Because drugs take over a person’s live that choice is not easy. I have a lot of respect for Destiny!

Destiny comes from a good family and says she once lived in a nice house and had everything she needed. Addiction to drugs took her to where she lost her kids and now only has the clothes she is wearing.

The good news is Destiny is conscious of her past and what she needs to do to make a better future. It’s a hard road to get off drugs but I believe she will make it!

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  • b2blog

    The older folks on IP seem very philosophical, and introspective of themselves. Destiny isn’t there yet. I’m not sure if it innocence or naivete. I wish her and her sons that they get her wishes.

  • hardlynormal

    Interesting perspective. The next story up in a day or two is also a homeless young man from same area but is mature beyond his years.

  • Torysewell

    this is very sad because she need help and need people to help so she can come throug and so every one could help put in money and help her out and help her get back on her fett and start her life over agin and quit going in and out of jail

  • JeRue

    This young woman doesn’t fit into any idea I have of an addicted person. She looks like she should be waiting to have lunch with friends or catching a bus to go to her college classes. What a tragic life she now leads. I pray her children will be returned to her because she has been able to end the addiction.

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