In general, a chronically homeless person is an unaccompanied disabled individual who has been continuously homeless for over one year, at least that’s how the government defines it.

I met Rick near Times Square in New York City. Rick worked at the same job for 37 years, but after a stroke caused challenges, he lost his job and ran out of money. He has been turned down for disability so that leaves him out on the streets.

Rick has been homeless for 3 months. Most of the support for fighting homelessness is targeting to chronic homeless. But according to HUD you have to be homeless for longer than a year to qualify.

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  • cyinger

    Makes you want to cry.  We have to fight back against the governmnet cutting back on aid & disability.  This shouldn’t happen!

  • Esemaj101

    Where is family and friends for a guy like this? This is when you find out what your family is really made of and who your true friends are.

  • Carlos Santos1970

     This is the harsh reality; cues to produce for the state machine and … cease to count as a person. It is no different from my country and increasingly in creating a feeling of ‘we ashamed to be children of a Nation’ …

  • Mbrowneiu

    I agree with Esemj101. If you do not have family support, most of us would be homeless
    given what has happened to this man. The to be grateful for 6.00 a day in order to eat
    really makes me humble.

  • ZenAngelSinger

    For those of us who are chronically ill, this is one of the fears we constantly live with.

  • Elme13

    The homeless problem began in 1980 with REAGANOMICS & has continued for most of the past 30 yrs. Won’t stop until we STOP REPUBLICANS!

  • RIck

    i AM rICK AND i WAS JUST TOLD THAT MY PROFILE WAS ON THIS sITE BY A WONDERFUL MAN AND HIS WIFE THAT STOPPED BY IN fRONT OF sT mARY THE VIRGIN cHURCH ON 46TH ST AND HANDED ME 20.00 AND TOLD ME THEY SAW ME ON HERE AND WANTED ME TO KNOW SOMEONE CARES. rEADING THE COMMENTS i WANT TO THANK YOU ALL THIS IS NOT AN EASY SITUATION OUT HERE AND GETS HARDER EVEYDAY. yOU SEE YOU DON’T NEED TO E A DRUG ADDICT OR A ALCOHOLIC TO BE FORCED INTO THIS SITUATION. i AM ONE OF MANY WHO ARENT BUT are still looked down upon I can’t even tell you what it feels like to have a family walk by you and have a child say mommy look at the bum. I shower everyday and my clothes are always clean I may be in dire circumstances here but by no means am I a bum. It’s tru I depend on the kindness of others to help me get through the day and winter is comming fast I will not go into the new york city shelter system it is only an extension of the prison system here I have very little to my name but what I have is mine and I wont have someone steal it from me. So I guess I will be one of many riding the subways this winter trying to stay warm. God Bless you all for your thought. And god Bless this man that interviewed me I still have the sox By the way thank you.

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