Thomas says the homeless situation in New York City is atrocious. He’s been homeless 2 years and has tried shelters, but he keeps getting in fights trying to protect what little he still owns.

According to Thomas, homelessness in New York City is a business. He says there is no housing, and all they have to offer is soup kitchens.

About a year ago I found a group of homeless friends sleeping on the church steps. Now, Thomas says because the homeless people were urinating on the steps the churches stopped allowing them to sleep there. Wonder what would have happened if THE CHURCHES OPENED THE DOOR SO PEOPLE COULD USE THE BATHROOM?!!

Thomas is panhandling to get breakfast for the following morning. He pays $2.25 to get on the train and rides the training all night to sleep. Thomas is not alone as train sleepers are common in most urban areas. But that still is no way for people to live.

Thomas is part of a group that I support called Picture The Homeless . Picture The Homeless did a study that there are enough abandoned buildings in NYC to house all our homeless friends. Now that sounds like an idea that could be mirrored in many cities.

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  • Kaypox

    This is one of the” Most Inspirational Stories I have seen from a Homeless Man”! He is one of the thousands of Homeless People that is very Intelligent & Spiritual who would Love to help change the Homeless Situation in NYC! You never know what happened that they are Homeless, but whatever the reason he is “Hopeful”! God Bless Thomas! May he be able to have a life again & his Testimony “Wakes up the Mayor of NYC”! Otherwise, “Get off your butt & help these people to help themselves!”

  • cyinger

    Yes, God bless you, Thomas, and God bless you, Mark for showing people that the homeless population consists of intelligent, gentle, articulate men & women.  One person at a time, you are showing these stories and compelling people to care enough to do something.  if only the church would put fear aside, think about what they preach… and let them inside!

  • Innchurches

    My goodness. The writing is on the wall for the UK if we don’t do something now!

  • Innchurches


  • Makaylaleather

    I love thomas we need to get these honest people off the street they don’t deserve to be there!!!

  • Robbie

    Wow… Thomas puts himself last as he talks about his “3 prayers to be answered”. I agree with the other comments…God bless Thomas! 

  • Laura H

    He has a wedding ring on – is he alone? I feel so sorry for Thomas. He seems smart – he just needs someone to help get him going. Come on Mayor where are you?

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