I met Adrian on a rainy day in London. He was trying to sell umbrellas to get by. Adrian has been on the streets sleeping rough for a year now – this time.

As a youth Adrian spent a few years homeless. But worked hard to change his life and ended up working as the business development manager for  bank. When the economic crisis hit he lost his job and couldn’t afford to pay rent on his flat anymore.

He did go into a hostel for a short while but when he got behind on payments he was back on the streets.

Adrian tells the very real story of violence on the streets of London. Our friends sleeping rough are never safe. It’s horrible living on the streets of any city.

Adrian has a dream of starting a t-shirt shop. He’s even setup a Facebook page with his designs.

Adrian has 2 wishes: a flat and a job!

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  • cyinger

    It’s hard to believe that there is someone as smart & talented as him and no place he can find help.  All he needs is help to get a job or place to stay (free of charge–still don’t undrstand why hostels charge) until he can get back on his feet.  He already has it all together.  Just needs money to start his own buisness & place to stay while he saves up the money.  It is bad in the U.S. but I think the few shelters we have offer more services.  Not many good places of help, not even for upstanding ppl like Adrian with clearly bright futures.  What are you doing, London?

  • Kgleason945

    Just really awful what our world has become.  I know what he’s talking about.  Trying to keep apartment with two children single mom and Im in rural MN USA and help from county My church has done so much for us.  Just think what would Jesus do Going to check out his facebook.

  • hope4change

    I pray that Adrian’s life has changed since this video. Anyone could be in his shoes.

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