“Some days people are nice and come up, give you food or money. Other days just wonder past and just not care” is how George responded when I asked him how he survives sleeping rough in London.

George has been on the streets 2 months this time. He went into a hostel for 10 months, and before that he was homeless for 7 months. George felt he wasn’t getting the support he needed. Unfortunately, support for homeless services continues to be cut while demand keeps increasing. The good news is an outreach team continues to work with George and I hope they find the help he needs to get off and stay off the streets.

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  • a2phil

    Just like here in the U.S…if you’re not a “success story” within 90 days (or less) the shelters kick you out…but if you ARE a “success story”, you get coverage in the local paper!!

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