Len has slept rough in London and around England for a few years and says that it’s getting a lot harder to live on the streets. He says that there are more people than ever before sleeping rough, which makes it harder to find spaces to stay dry and sleep.

I met Len and his buddies after I got of the train. They were trying to stay dry on a wet after noon and of course I just had to say hello and make some new friends.

Len tells the truth about sleeping rough in wet weather. His only wish… to have a happy life!

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  • cyinger

    I was wondering if any shelters there had rehab programs onsite.  That is something that should be done, if not.  A local shelter has a great rehab program & does an incredible job of turning men’s lives around.  The only thing is, it is only for men.  What about women? There is a shelter for women & children but they don’t take in single women.  The shelter that takes in both doesn’t have programs like that.  Why do they have to make it so hard? 

  • a2phil

    I hate the places that automatically ASSUME you’re a drug addict or alcoholic (“because you’re homeless”) so you HAVE to go to AA/NA to stay there!!

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