!WARNING! This story will mess you up! Louise has been on the streets of London for over two years. She has given birth to two babies while sleeping rough. Complications with her last birth left her crippled and now bound to a wheelchair.  As if that’s not enough, she goes on to say she’s had her head kicked in several times from street violence. Louise is only nineteen years-old.

Louise is a young woman that in a normal world should have an endless future of possibilities. Instead, she is dependent of others to push her wheelchair up and down the street while begging to survive. No one should have to live like this! NO ONE!

Louise says she cannot get help because she has no local ties. I cannot validate her statement, but I I have seen first hand how communities here in the U.S. only want to pay to help people who have local ties. Trouble is, homeless people move to where resources are, and it’s also extremely hard to confirm a zip code when a person does not have an ID or passport. Municipal government’s have less funds for social services so they feel best use of the money is to target “locals only”. But then young girls fall through gaps in the safety net.

As I type this I started to think about all the wonderful people I met sleeping rough in London. I am honored and grateful that they allowed me into their life for a little bit, but with the Olympics starting this week I have to wonder if they are even where I first met them.

Louise’s story continues to mess me up. I don’t know your heart, but I hope her story, and all the stories of the wonderful homeless people on this site mess you up enough so you’ll join me and others in the fight to end homelessness.

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  • Hg52789

    in the world we have why does this happen ?

  • http://twitter.com/hollysalewski Holly Salewski

    I really hope that someone in London sees this that can help her. It’s just terrible. There’s resources at rescue missions in America – so what not the UK?? 

  • http://twitter.com/rachelreed42 Rachel Stevens Reed

    There are resources in some missions in the US, but not all! And some hold pretty stiff requirements to get in and kick people out for no reason whatsoever. Where I live you have to pay $72/week to live at the Salvation Army, they’ll only let you stay there for one week without paying. And the other major organization here is just as bad or worse. And you have to have an ID to get into even the cold shelter, yet you have to have an address to receive an ID, with proof of residence, of course. Holy cow, you’d think the entire system sets the homeless and poor up to fail…maybe it does.

    Regardless, Louise is a strong young lady and I hope she can envision a better future for herself very soon.

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