Tony moved in with his uncle to be a caregiver. When his uncle died Tony tried to stay in that apartment, but was only given the option of a hostel. Tony has been homeless now for 25 years.

When I first met Tony he told me he liked being homeless. I asked him if it was always that way, because no one starts off liking living on the streets. People simply give up and adapt to sleeping rough. Tony responded that at first he did try and get off the streets, but after fighting the system, he just adapted to homelessness and made the best of it, including walking around Great Britain twice.  As cool as that may be, the system failed Tony. No one should have to experience homelessness for even a short period of time.

Tony did confirm that police have started to move people on with the Olympics right around the corner. He said he used to have tea with them and now they bring sniffing dogs to roust rough sleepers.

Special thanks to Simon Community

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  • Jumabinali

    How could this poor man be homeless for 25 years

    UK instead of organizing the Olympics, should offer jobs and

    in 1995, London, I saw youngsters sleeping in the streets and
    asking for a pound mate

    An opportunity I experience which opened my eyes to the world,
    profoundly grateful to my friend Ewen Macmillan, but I am still blind about
    certain realities

    How harder can this world be

    UK activist should stop talking about human rights, and try to
    provide proper life and dignity to people like Tony

    So sad, made me cry and feel hungry as well

    Cheers mates

  • cyinger

    He is a blessing to meet & talk to. His spirit and attitude gives back so much to each person he encounters.  We should give back to him by helping provide shelter & job oportunties.  He’s clearly a good worker with many talents.  Shame on the London police!

  • Ed

    Great caracter, great humanity. Thanks to this initiative we can grasp some of the truly things that matter to people. I take his 3erth wish to share some minutes with you. Al the best tony. There are lost of people like you in Spain. I lost my job a year or so and I can´t find somethig to earn my living. Any of us can find sonn in such a situation. However dignity is the only thing they ( markets) can´t take out of us. Thank you, shame you aren´t in the internet…

  • James

    How big big truth

  • Welsh Rarebit

    I’ve met Tony @ The Simon Community and he is a Really Beautiful Soul!!!!

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