Monica and family

I have had individuals sing to me and even a group of kids sing, but this is the first time I’ve had a family sing to me.

After a 10 year abusive relationship Monica grabbed her 5 kids, a few suitcases, filled the car with food and ran as far as she could. At first she tried to stay with relatives, but the stress of couch surfing with such a large family became too much. She did get an apartment for a short while but she couldn’t keep up with the cost. Monica and her 5 kids ended up homeless. After going from shelter to shelter they finally ended up at LA Family Housing.

Monica says she knows why a lot of women go back to violent relationships because it’s hard raising kids by yourself. Monica is determined to make a success out of her new life and she plans on staying strong and staying safe. I have a lot of respect for Monica. I can’t even imagine how much courage it takes a young mother to make such a drastic and important change for her family!

Monica told me she is a licensed cosmetologist and plans on going back to school. Since she is now in Los Angeles, Monica would like to give acting a try. If you are a casting agent or know of anyone who is, please give her a chance. I can tell you Monica is smart and full of energy and her whole family is adorable.


Very special thanks to LA Family Housing


***As a rule we do not share domestic violence stories unless the person’s safety is guaranteed .

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  • cyinger

    Brought tears to my eyes the love this family shares.  The way the girls work together to put their brother’s shoe back on–they are all so beautiful!  I hope someone sees this and offers the mother a job.  The fact that she raised such great kids is a testiment to what she is capable of.  I know first-hand the stress of having three family members stay in our home. It turned our lives upside down and was almost unbearable, with daily fighting, but I wouldn’t kick my worst enemy out with nowhere else to go.  We learned to practice patience & restraint for 5 months, and then again a second time!  Not everyone has family members who care that much. Kudos to the homeless moms.

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