Nikki and Scott

Nikki and Scott are homeless on Skid Row. Their feet are blistered from walking the last three days looking for help and trying to stay safe.

After Nikki and Scott lost their house Nikki’s mom went into a senior living home. Obviously they couldn’t stay stay with her and ended up on the streets.

Nikki and Scott called 211, which was no help at all. Most homeless services just give out phone numbers never knowing if the referrals have availability. It’s a huge issue and why so many people cannot find or access the help they need.

My heart breaks for these two. I can see the fear and hopelessness on their face.   Homelessness is hard and Skid Row is a nightmare! I pray they find the help they need.


Special thanks to LA Mission

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  • Randall “texrat” Arnold

    Thanks for reminding me to do more for those less fortunate.

  • Erik

    support Covenant House. opening doors for homeless youth.

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