I met Ray in Ottawa, Canada. He is traveling Canada working day jobs and sleeping on the streets. Ray wasn’t finding enough work to survive in Edmonton so, since he was going to be broke anyway, decided to travel and enjoy his summer.

Ray keeps looking for a place where he can find full time work and make a home.

When I asked what his future is like Ray said he is going to “play it by ear”, and that he lives his life one day at a time. Ray continued with, “the easiest way to make God laugh is to make plans”.

Ray is traveling until he can find a stable full time job that will support him.

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  • a2phil

    At least Canada has free health care and decent social services, unlike the U.S.

    I’ve been in and out of what I call “the system” (homelessness) over the last 12 years…


    People being homeless in Canada surprises me. Canada is far more socialist as a Country compared to the United States of America. Canada and the UK have yet to figure out ways to socialize housing. Not to worry I’m sure Canada and the UK will figure out how to socialize housing by sticking it to their hard working middle class soon enough.

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