Jeffrey easily stood out sitting on the curb typing into a laptop. It’s something you don’t see everyday, but more and more homeless people are using laptops, tablets and smartphones as prices drop.

I met Jeffrey in Toronto, Canada. I love this video because while I was interviewing Jeffrey a truck made us move. As many of you know we do not edit our videos so you get life as it happens, and this time it’s a little awkward.

What really is amazing about this story is a little hidden. When I asked about the laptop Jeffrey responded that his sponsor got the computer for him. Naturally, I thought Alcoholics Anonymous. But this sponsor is a person who decided to help Jeffrey go to school. That got me thinking about how it would be so awesome if homeless services developed a mentor type program to connect people who want to give to an individual that needs a little love!

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  • Mica Fetz

    Jeffrey, I see you. You are no longer invisible. Know that in the entire world of faceless masses, one guy in Baltimore, MD was moved to action by your story. God Bless and God Speed!

  • Jasmine

    Isnt hard to try to find money or get help from other people when they see you with a laptop… ? i mean they would probably think ”if hes homeless then why does he have enough money to pay for a laptop?” which i know now that you got it from your sponsor.

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