I met Matthew on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Matthew was not having a good day. He told me he has bronchitis. Homelessness is bad enough without being sick.

Matthew has been on the streets since he was 15. Matthew says that even at that young age of 15 he felt his mother was so strapped for money he’d have a better life if he left home.

Matthew says it’s been his choice since he was 15 to live on the streets. I find it interesting that Matthew mentions Vietnam war veterans are homeless not by choice, but does not want to see that his young childhood didn’t leave him with much of a choice.

We’ll never end homelessness until we can fix family!



Special thanks to National Safe Place

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  • GlendaWH

    Wow! Very insightful. Well spoken. I hope Matthew finds where he belongs; he has much to contribute.

  • Keith M Bender

    What if we had taken the time to Define the word “Man” and “Men” and Who the People are in “WE the People” ? The insane games politics has forced upon the Disabled while abusing sensibilities with STIGMATIZED RHETORIC is proof that Definitions are used for Political purpose and Politics wants to keep things mixed up and confused . Family of Man? Solving symptoms does nothing for the CHRONIC DISABILITIES we have as a Society ignored. Even the DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE serves to short change the disenfranchised once Politicians side tracked Rights which they have done.

  • rich Sutton

    Great video. Thanks to Matthew for his honesty.

  • Krista

    It takes alot to fx homeless specially with!!! families forgiven. My dad left us at a young age and after years of drinking and runnning out of ppl helping him he landed out on the streets. See he didn’t raise us at all of pay childsupport but with me having my own daughter and grand kids I needed to know if he was dead or alive. He ended up on the streets for 3 yrs because of friends and family. Even let him go but I took the chance to give him a home that one I didn’t even know who my dad was but yet took him off the streets and let him be in my home. It takes alot of give and take with family and to help with the problems of homeless attitudes and learning and forgiving the past. It takes alot on both parties of understanding and learn about everything. I think if someone believes in you and stays with you thru the process of addictions. Don’t give up on anything you can do it and make it with help and one person to help you thru all of this. I don’t care if it has been 20 yrs on the street or 5 yrs on the streets. You just need that one person in your life to believe in and let them stand by you to help and letting go of the past. Good Luck!!! I believe one on one to get you have the streets. Called HOPE

  • Tim Babcock

    It’s a very challenging existance to live on the streets, more challenging when you are sick. Bronchitis is not something to be messed with. On the streets it just can be so terrible, in the winters, in blowing snow, etc. Just terrible.

  • wendy

    Matthew, Bless you……I appreciate your honesty, and so nice that you were thinking of your Mom,……But? what about yourself?……You sound like a wise young man, with skills………I wish YOU the best!……..I feel you have it in you…..Good Luck Young Man…….Wendy

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