Bill says he is an “Army Brat” so he’s pretty much from everywhere. He came to New Orleans to get away from a bad situation and to follow his dream of working on a river tugboat.

At first, Bill tried to look for a work but could not find employment. Plus, because he does not have proper ID, he could not get the document needed to work on tugboats. Being resourceful, Bill started to make necklaces to sell.

Just before I started to record Bill’s interview; a waitress at the restaurant right next to us told me that Bill knows more about what was going on than anyone inside.

Bill sleeps in an abandoned building with three other homeless people. They watch each others back.

Bill is till working on getting the ID needed to work on tugboats. He says it’s a way of life that will take care of all that he needs. I hope Bill can get on a boat before the cold hits.

Bill wished that people would stop stereotyping others. Such an awesome wish!


***If you are in or near New Orleans Bill I need to get in contact with Bill. I misplaced the paper he wrote his Facebook info on. I would like to help him sell his necklaces online.

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  • Cherokee Lair

    you saw them/now i do too/invisible no more…it is real & real frightening how quickly a human can go from home to street/something the GOP has chosen to ignore #icutoo

  • Chris Nance

    Would love to see those necklaces online too!

  • @emmaleechase

    Oh no. Another situation where someone could benefit from an ‘ID clinic’ in order to navigate various government systems for replacing them. It would be nice to see this process streamlined. (It’s an issue here in Canada, as well.) Another idea is to have a place where copies of the people’s records are stored, such as at their shelter file or their doctor’s office file, should they lose their ID again.

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