It was a wet and dreary Saturday night in Central London with lots of people outside partying having a good time, yet no one seemed to notice John sitting on the sidewalk shaking from the cold. So many people were around talking it made it hard to hear John share his story. But the sad story of sleeping rough came through loud and clear!

John is from Scotland. He has a drinking problem and needs help. After relationship problems with family kept getting worse, John figured he’d try London. Tonight will be his 4th night on the streets.

The good news is London has a program to help rough sleepers like John called No Second Night Out. No Second Night Out has a 24/7 helpline (phone: 0870 383 3333 or report online here) encouraging the general public to report a rough sleeper so an outreach team can e dispatched to the location to help. The program is soon to launch nationally around the UK.

At least here in the United Kingdom there is no excuse to get just walk by a person sleeping rough.

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  • cyinger

    That makes me happy to hear. I hope this program is feasible & actually works. Surprisingly good, hopeful news

  • jackie cox

    the free world followed our nation when we entered free trade, which introduced slavery into the free world taking our jobs with it, these people would work if they had jobs, It just gets worse, as classes divide further, while the rulers of our world seek a one world power or cartel of oligopolies, owned or controlled by the world class mafia some 250 dynasties or proxies, their finger on america the federal reserve, as they perceive a world of Nobility, who get their landfill made by slaves and sold by poverty stricken hirelings, in nations with more jobs than people—only anarchy can remove free trade and restore our independent nations who make what they consume trading with the worlds other cultures, with customs and duty on imports making slavers pay the accrued taxation domestic industry is required to pay, nations with more jobs than people, where the natural law of respect is followed. The elitist have to go, one way or another. The governments no longer serve the people, they serve themselves and the world class mafia, as protectorates of the predatory laws they hide behind. No one is better than another all the land is holy land and all people are chosen and no one would be little different if they had lived each others lives.

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