Marek and Danuta

Marek and Danuta are homeless in London. They are from Poland. Izabela was kind enough to translate for me while I was visiting No Second Night Out.

Marek lost his job this past July. They found a flat that was less money, payed the deposit and one month in advance, but the apartment offer was really a scam. Days after moving in they were forced out with no refund of their money. Marek and Danuta just grabbed their basic possessions and left.

Marek says their first day sleeping rough was terrible. They took mattresses they found on the street into a partly abandoned factory to create a place to sleep. During the day they would leave so as to not be discovered only to return at night when it was safer.

Danuta said her two wishes in her native language. She only wants a place to stay and a job.



Special thanks to Izabela and No Second Night Out

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  • cyinger

    I’m going to say a prayer that a lawyer sees this and offers to help them. There has to be legal recourse. That’s atrocious! The landlord should serve jail time before he does this to someone else. Maybe there is a pro bono lawyer if social services ask around. I wouldn’t let that go, my goodness! There is a dangerous person out there preying on those with a language barrier. They deserve money for their pain & suffering, in addition to their money back. Please tell them to ask for help and to not give up.

  • peter

    they should be going to the police about this asap

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