When I first saw Alex begging as Santa I thought it was cute. But after talking to Alex, and the more I thought about it, I realized how incredibly sad it is.

I met Alex in London. He says he has been sleeping rough for 9 years now. The night before, Alex slept outside on the sidewalk a few feet away.

Alex is on a housing list and hopes to get a flat some time between Christmas and next summer.

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  • Emma-Lee Chase

    Gosh, this sounds like Canada. Some cities have housing waiting lists of 22 years. Many are commonly 10-12 years…

  • DareToBeHappier

    Every night I go to sleep in my warm bed, I’m thankful for it.. I hope Alex finds a job, a flat – and hope, and that 2013 is the year that sees his life change for the better.

  • pooch

    why are you wearing a berd Andy?

  • ddd


  • psy

    amonannaan akaea akua amananana akuaeeeaka

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