On Andy’s 16th birthday, foster care gave him £150 and put him out into the streets. That was 15 years ago, and Andy has been homeless ever since.

Andy first went into the child care system because his mother was on drugs and she was not able to take care of him. Now in his early 30s, Andy has battled addiction and mental illness most of his life.

Having grown up in children homes Andy would rather live outside than go into the hostel system. Myself, I lived in a homeless program for over 7 years, never getting freedom or even a bathroom, and to this day I have a very hard time sharing accommodations with people. Listening to Andy made me understand a little why people stay on the streets.

The good news is Andy, with the help of his outreach worker, was able to save up and secure a boat to live on.  Soon Andy will be living on his own boat with a few future ahead!


Special thanks to Broadway’s Oxford City Outreach and No Second Night Out Oxford

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  • Asabe Shehu Yar’adua

    Displaced or Homeless situation is a menace to Health, A homeless person enjoys little or no amenities by the Government. The Question is What are the Facilities in place to curb or dissolute the problem of Homelessness and displacement? Is it the responsibility of the Non-profit Organization to take care of the Homeless without having a Legal Backing? The Government should have a good programme in place to cater for the Homeless and the displaced . It is the responsibility of the Government to check the status of this homeless citizens because they might be a menace to the Society in Return.

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