I met Bob in Toronto, Canada. He panhandles to pay for a bed every night, yet the hostel kicks everyone out during the day, even during the worst weather. If Bob can raise enough money he’ll stay in a coffee shop during the cold days.

Sadly, affordable housing units in cities all over the world are being reduced as new, more modern developments come in. The hostel next to the one where Bob sleeps at night is being sold to be turned into condominiums. I heard at a homeless conference this summer that for each new unit created two affordable housing units are destroyed.

Bob went back to school and hopes to have a job working in a nonprofit bakery soon.

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  • pooch

    bob why do you have a hole in your tooth?

  • Becky Blanton

    Dentistry is expensive. Money is better spent on food, a safe bed and things that get you off the street. I have several bad teeth and just don’t have the money to get them fixed, partly due to companies and businesses like this hostel and like Tuffy Service Center in Charlottesville, VA. Tuffy charged me $414.43 for work I just found out they never even did on my van. Money is tight and you use it where you most need it to stay alive. I’m off the streets, but when Tuffy charged me for fixing my brakes (and didn’t fix them) and I realized I could have been killed driving on bad brakes (another mechanic said the van wasn’t safe to drive) it really struck home how businesses, like the hostel, like Tuffy Service Center and others really stick it to the poor. They know you’re homeless so they charge you more to get rid of you, or charge you and don’t deliver, or charge you and give you half of what they promised. Thank God there is a God and HE sees how people are treating his children. He’s promised that what a man/business sows, they’ll also reap. Hopefully the bread place will have health and dental benefits.

  • The ham

    I have concerns.

  • Asabe Shehu Yar’adua

    Displaced or Homeless situation is a menace to Health, A homeless person
    enjoys little or no amenities by the Government. The Question is What
    are the Facilities in place to curb or dissolute the problem of
    Homelessness and displacement? Is it the responsibility of the
    Non-profit Organization to take care of the Homeless without having a
    Legal Backing? The Government should have a good programme in place to
    cater for the Homeless and the displaced . It is the responsibility of
    the Government to check the status of this homeless citizens because
    they might be a menace to the Society in Return.

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