Imants is originally from Latvia, a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. But the night before we met, Imants sleept outside in a park near Central London.

Imants is in a way lucky. He has a job working construction and comes to the park to sleep at night. He has been saving money and hopes to have his own flat soon.

This time Imants has been sleeping rough for 6 months, but this is not his first time homeless in the United Kingdom. In the 4 years that he has lived in London almost half of them have been on the street. He says at one point he lost so much weight he looked like a skeleton.

I hope that by now Imants has raised the money he needed to get off the streets and that this will be his last time sleeping rough.

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Carol Ann
  • nezinams

    Pilings sviests, ja tev ir darbs tad vismaz ire kadu istabinu, es shaubos ka vinam nepietiek naudas kautvai tik daudz lai iretu istabu un iekratu tam ko vinsh velas. un ja vinam maksa tik maz tad es nezinu ka vinsh strada jo ari ar part time cleanera darbu var izvilkt ar sakostiem zobiem. lai izdodas

  • Marta

    Raugoties no malas Ir ?oti viegli st?st?t cilv?kiem ka vi?iem labak r?koties un dz?vot. Vai tev patiesam liekas, ka cilv?ks izv?las gul?t park?,ja vi?š sp?j at?auties ko citu?

  • maria

    Imant,,,this is maria from maine,,,usa,,,n i write to say there is great beauty as if a shining countanance i see in your face,,,love the lord thy God with all thy heart, soul, mind and body,,,trust in Him,,,Yeshua,,,Jesus,,,seek ye first the kingdom of Yahweh and He will give you all the things you need,,,n Our Messiah is soon returning,,,but until He does,,,may we all walk in the truth of our destiny and the purpose for which we have been born,,,may you do miracles everyday by just the meer thinking of sending healing and restoration unto everyone you see and meet..

    i have had many dreams,,,i have been homeless for about 10 years due to great illnesses but God healed my being,,,i look forward to meeting you on that Beautiful Shore and Golden streets inside Heavens Door….much love,,,maria

    Imants is a Latvian masculine given name, from the Livonian language:[1] im meaning “miracle” added to and meaning “gift”. The name is borne by more than 6,250 men in Latvia.[2] Its nameday is celebrated on 1 July.

    The name is one of the relatively few surviving Latvian names of
    indigenous origin from among the great number revived or introduced
    during the Latvian National Awakening of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.i

  • No name

    I was seriously touched by your story and I LOVED the fact you said you wanted a girlfriend as your first wish. I think its amazing how you can be homeless and be suffering and still manage to think and desire love. I really hope you get a big bank account and a place and live happy. You seem like a wonderful person!

  • Laura H

    What a cute guy. Where is his family? He looks young. I can see the pain and hear it in his voice. I pray he gets the money he needs to move into a home soon. So sweet how he asked for a GF – he just wants to be loved. God Bless him – he has been through so much!

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