Richard ran away from home at 13. He has been sleeping rough off and on ever since. This time for over a year! The night I first met Richard it was raining hard in London. The good news is he is on a waiting list for a hostel. As it is in the U.S., having a pet limits support services, so the delay is waiting for a pet-friendly facility.

Richard has lived a hard life but he makes it clear he doesn’t want an sympathy. He knows there are others worse off than him. Richard tries to stay grateful in life!

I really like Richard. Over the last week I have spent a few moments talking to him. I really hope Richard and his dog Britney find a place to call home soon.

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  • jackinessity

    I’m often on the computer, but usually at work or in a public place, so I don’t often watch videos. Today is one of those rare moments when I was alone, and as is usual when I land on this site, it took all of three seconds for tears to pour down my face. There’s no earthly reason for this man to be sleeping on the street. It’s just plain wrong, and I can’t wrap my head around it. It’s long been in my heart to try and help, but for months I’ve been in my own struggle for survival, and I’m still not back on my own two feet. I’m blessed with family to take care of me, but as Richard points out, not everyone has that luxury. So as the rain pours down outside my own window and I sit in the warmth, the best I can do today is to pledge not to forget, and to learn to appreciate what I have on a very fundamental level. I will not forget Richard, or his story, and I will be back. Hopefully armed with more than words, next time.

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