“On the streets you don’t wish for things. You just wait from them to happen. Because you cannot control really anything”, EJ responded trying to think of a second and third wish.

EJ is homeless in Hollywood. He is 18, and when he told me he has been homeless for 11 years, I could not even comprehend to do the math. (I’m a drummer and drummers can’t count past 4 anyway)

I cannot even imagine being on the streets at such a young age. I once interviewed a kid in Wichita homeless at 5 years old. I know how horrible my first day homeless was as an adult, so my heart breaks thinking about what these kids must of done through. But to them, the streets was better than the abuse they were going through.

We will never end homelessness until we can fix families!

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  • Deb tuck

    People treat their animals better than children sometimes. So sad…

  • Tom G

    America the beautiful.. What about America and the homeless,No child or person should bare the stress of no home to go too.This is a very sad story..May God grant you successful future and a place to call home

  • http://www.facebook.com/kierstyn.bryan Kierstyn Bryan

    i seriously started crying listen to him. how can people like bill gates and the president of the united states go to sleep at night knowing that there are so many people homeless living on the streets. it makes me sick just thinking about it. i really hope everything works out for you EJ. the army should be proud to have you.

  • http://twitter.com/joffley James Offer

    Bill Gates does way more than almost every other billionaire for people. All the other billionaires, however…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nancy-Reicks-Kiflemariam/100000736477567 Nancy Reicks Kiflemariam

    The president and Bill Gates do give a crap, but they can’t do everything alone. It takes lots of money and that is something that is impossible to get approved in this congress! Rand Paul big billionaire companies who move ops overseas to get cheap labor, but wants to end all assistance programs. Under his leadership we would have many more homeless folks.

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