Norman says when he first hit the streets of New York City he didn’t know anything about homelessness. He didn’t know where to go. He didn’t know where to sleep. He didn’t know where his next meal would come from.

The night before this interview, Norman slept in a subway station. Even now, after a few years being on the streets, Norman shares about how unsafe it is just trying to get a nights rest.

Norman tried the shelter system, but because of conflict as a result of the person next to him using drugs, he was asked to leave and was told he had to wait for an extended period to come back. Norman says the NYC shelter system basically just warehouses people and offers little or no help to better their lives.

When I asked Norman for his 3 wishes he responded, “Get out of homelessness. Get out of homelessness. Get out of homelessness.”


Very special thanks to Hanes.

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  • Sharkeisha

    Norman the doorman is my best butt buddy!

  • JH,TS

    We like how you are very motivated and want to do better for yourself. With your hard work and dedication you will have hope. It inspires us that you have so little but you cherish what you do have.

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