Yogi is 69 years-old and sleeping outside in San Jose, one of the wealthiest regions of our great country. Yogi became homeless after her first husband died. Remarkably, Yogi is still in positive spirits even after being homeless for 25 years. No one should be homeless for even a day, but for 25 years living outside in Silicon Valley – this is a tragedy.

Yogi says they do everything they can to make money, but they just cannot afford the high-cost of rents in the area. The week before this visit, 5 people froze to death in the area. Knowing this sweat woman is sleeping out in the deadly cold every night I hope messes you up as it does me.




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  • Jon snow

    i like there teeth

  • swagalicous

    Yogi Has A Cheesy Knob

  • eh

    This is a sad story and makes me very upset. I hope your life goes on well and as you planned it to be. The house you are supposed to be receiving should be coming soon so your life is getting better each day. Keep that smile on your face and don’t let anything take that away from you.

  • DMTF

    Yogi your story is very touching. Through all the hardships in your life you manage to keep a high spirit. You personify the resilience of the human spirit. You show everyone to never give up no matter what. I’m happy you’re about to get a house, and I hope your health gets better. God bless.

  • BS-DV

    You’re story was very emotional and very heart felt. We will never look at homeless people the same again, we will see that they are real and they are just as worthy of life as we are. You’re positive attitude through it all gave a message, “positive thinking, brings positive things.” God bless you and thank you for helping us to strive for greater success!

  • ADCM

    I’m so sorry for your lost. Your story touched my heart. Wow, 25 years seem long; you really came far. Hope everything works out with you, god bless you. #KEEPYOURHEADUP

  • erin_jenkins@ozemail.com.au

    Yogi you are beautiful, if the rest of the world were as normal and as kind as you ..we would have everything we need in life. Thank you for being you.

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