Bill and Tree

I met Bill and Tree this past summer in San Francisco. Because their story is so different, and possibly the most unique homeless story I have ever come across, I waited until the right time to share. Often I hear stories that are hard to imagine. Most of them are filled with pain and suffering. Bill and Tree’s story is not like that at all. It’s more of a happy story of two people who met each other and now are world-travelers.

Occasionally I’ll hear a story that seems like a “tall tale”, yet I must always keep in mind my own story: when I was on the streets of Hollywood and told people I worked in television, they probably didn’t believe me, but I did play a direct role in making sure the world received  Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and many others syndicated TV shows.

Let’s see if you can follow along! Bill and Tree have a house in Mexico, but had to travel north for a social security appointment. They cannot afford decent hotels, and low-cost hotels are nasty, so they live out on the streets instead. Tree was married for many years, but then ending up on the streets. She met Bill in Miami, where Bill and a congresswoman helped Tree get her passport, and the two have been traveling ever since.

This really is a wonderful love story of two people who met while homeless, and give their all to make their life as best as it can be. When you hear Tree’s response to Bill’s third wish you just cannot help but smile.

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  • ZWEM

    First we want to take the time to thank you guys for sharing your amazing story. We admire how you guys made the best of your situation, keeping an upright spirit about everything. We hope you guys can continue to love each other and be happy.

  • JN JM

    Bill and Tree have a very interesting story. They have a house in Tijuana, yet they still choose to travel. I like how the couple took initiative to create and sell their own artwork. Good luck to you both in your travels. God bless!

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