Miguel says he was taken away from his mother at 8 years-old. Over the next few years Miguel was placed in over 10 foster homes. I can’t even begin to comprehend how that must affect a child’s development.

Miguel tried to return to his mother, but the living situation was volatile, so Miguel eventually ran away. He moved around some and tried to live with relatives. Miguel ended up back in New York, and his mother had him locked up in the juvenile correctional system.

Luckily, now as a homeless youth only 18 years-old, Miguel was able to connect with Covenant House, and he was able to go directly from jail to a support system and new family.

I really like Miguel, and I have always loved the work of Covenant House. The few hours I spent in New York City talking to Miguel and a few other young adults is a memory I’ll always cherish. No one can predict the future, but I have a feeling that even though Miguel didn’t have a good childhood, his future will be nothing short of amazing!


Special thanks to Hanes and Covenant House.

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  • Tina Kelley

    Good luck Miguel! I read that each time a foster child changes homes, they lose 6 months at school, having to ramp up all over again. Keeping kids in stable foster homes could make it so much easier on them! Great work, Mark!

  • http://hardlynormal.com hardlynormal

    how did I miss you stopping by? :)

  • Anna

    Keep up the positivity! God Bless you all. I hope one day life will get easier for you all xx

  • TS AW

    This was a very inspirational story. We thank you for sharing it with us what it is like to be a young person in foster care. Although you have had a very hard life, you don’t see it as an opportunity to lay around and be depressed about the situation. You just take it as it is and that is what we admire the most about you. Hopefully your story can help change someone else’s life. Keep your head up. God Bless.

  • Mc CJ

    I just wanted to start off by saying your a wonderful, Strong,and brave individual. This story is truly inspiring! You are a prime example your childhood does not have to effect your future where you want to go and what you can be. Therefore we truly hope you follow your dreams and never give up!

  • erin_jenkins@ozemail.com.au

    Miguel you are an AWESOME young man. You are already a STAR with boxing and everything you lay your hands on in life. Warmest Regards Julie

  • CTAJ

    I think that your story is sad and tragic. It touched my heart because knowing that there is someone like you in the world who didn’t have a good start in life makes me want to be more inspired. Because of all you went through and yet you never give up on your goals. That makes me want to keep moving forward even more than ever. Good luck on your boxing career. I know you will be a great boxer one day! Keep moving forward and don’t give up!

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